Club History

History of Rainford 41 Club


Louis Marchesi

The Club was established in 1978 with a small number of past members of Rainford Round Table, Prescot Round Table and St Helens Round Table. The reference to Round Table gives a clue to what 41 Club is all about.

The first Round Table was formed in 1927 by Louis Marchesi who was a member of The Rotary Club of Norwich who felt that there ought to be a similar organisation for younger men through which they could meet and develop their civic skills and provide assistance to the local community. Round Table adopted the motto - "Adopt, Adapt, Improve".


round table logoRound Table is a non-religious, non-political cluband meetings take place every two weeks. It provides the opportunity for members take part in a variety of activities including social events, sports, international visits, community service and, of course, making new friends. The latter is greatly assisted by the facility for a member to transfer to another Round Table on moving his location.

Until 1998 membership of Round Table was limited to men in the age range of 18 to 40 years. A Tabler then had to retire at his club's Annual General Meeting after which he then became eligible to join his local 41 Club which is how the name originated. The Round Table retirement age is now 45 and so dual membership of both organisations is possible for a five year period. Membership of 41 Club gives members the opportunity to continue the friendships established over the years.

Unfortunately due to declining membership, in this increasingly busy world we live in, Rainford Round Table has disbanded as a club.

Circle LogoThree years after the formation of the first Round Table, an equivalent women's club was formed, membership being drawn initially from the wives of Tablers. Called Ladies' Circle, it restricted membership to women between the ages of 18 and 40. Later it was opened to partners of Tablers or of ex-Tablers and the leaving age raised to 45. Since 1993 it has accepted into membership any women in that age range.

Tangent logoOn leaving Ladies' Circle, a member is eligible to join a Tangent club. As with Round Table and 41 clubs, there is a Tangent club associated with most Ladies' Circles.

41 Club exists to continue the friendships formed in Round Table and to support Round Table where possible. Fund raising and community work is not generally undertaken by 41 Club which is the preserve of Round Table.

Rainford 41 Club is a member of the National Association of Ex-Tablers Clubs which is open only to to clubs consisting of ex-Tablers. Clubs are however permitted to appoint a limited number of honorary members from other sources, but such appointees may not hold office in the club.